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How to use your storage unit space to the max

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How to use your storage unit space to the max

July 9, 2021

Need the perfect storage unit in Tauranga? Here’s where to start

Thinking of getting a storage unit? Already got one and you’re preparing to pack items for storage? Then this article is for you. The team at Store & Stack Self Storage in Tauriko, Tauranga have put together some key tips for making the most of your storage unit space.

Ready to begin? Great!

Four top tips for storage unit success

  1. Begin by gauging the size of the space you’ll need. A good starting point is to imagine a single garage and consider if your items would fit in it. This will help you decide whether you need a storage unit that is either larger or smaller, or if it is just right.
  2. With a personal storage unit organised, it’s time to focus on the items that take up the most room to store. Our storage and packing advice is to always pack the big items such as beds, lounge suites and tables first in your storage unit. Doing this will be really helpful in using the maximum space available.
  3. Our third piece of packing advice is to pack medium sized items (microwave, dresser, draws, chairs) second. A great way to pack them is to fill the gaps or odd spaces between the big items.
  4. Our fourth piece of advice is about packing small items. For this, our advice is to pack the small or soft items (bedding, clothing) on top of the big items. Again, this helps you to maximise the space in your storage unit.
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Before we go, two bonus pieces of advice

We’ve got two extra tips for you about self-storage. They’re not about packing, but are just as important. Here we go:

  1. When looking for a storage unit, make sure you check out the self-storage security measures every facility should have.
  2. Don’t think twice about asking the facility operators lots of questions! A self-storage facility FAQ page is often adequate enough, but if not you should definitely ask any questions that come to mind.
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