The Ten Self Storage Questions Every Customer Should Ask

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The Ten Self Storage Questions Every Customer Should Ask

July 1, 2021

Need the perfect storage unit in Tauranga? Here’s where to start

It’s fair to say you wouldn’t be reading this unless you were interested in finding a self storage unit. At Store & Stack Self Storage in Tauriko, Tauranga we’re all about helping people find the storage unit that’s perfect for their needs.

We’d like to help you too find the ideal storage unit wherever you are in New Zealand, so we’ve put together some questions you should ask storage facility staff before you sign up for a storage unit.

Question One: What security measures should I look for in a storage facility?

Answer: Security is paramount and a good storage facility will use professional CCTV cameras inside and outside the facility. They should also have a vehicle number plate camera (Store & Stack has this) to monitor who comes and goes from the facility and to make sure only authorised people are on the site. Also, a storage facility should have electric fencing (again, Store & Stack has this).

Question Two: Does the storage owner or manager meet potential customers before letting out a storage unit?

Answer: A storage owner must meet the people who want to use it. It’s all part of the checks and balances of running a safe, secure, friendly facility where people feel safe, and they know their possessions are secure. At Store & Stack, it’s an essential part of our process to meet people. This enables us to ensure we are allowing only legitimate storers use our facility.
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Question Three: When can I access my unit and what restrictions are there?

Answer: It is important to know when you can access your storage unit. Store & Stack storage units can be accessed 7 days per week to help accommodate busy people that need the flexibility. This includes access daily from 6.30am to 10pm. Access outside of these hours is restricted to help enhance the overall security of the facility.

Question Four: How old is the facility, is it vented, and does it have sealed driveways?

Answer: A new building will generally be cleaner and drier than some modified older buildings. Store & Stack is a purpose-built new building with vented ceilings for air flow and offers sealed driveways to make unloading and loading easy.

Question Five: What will it cost me to rent a unit and are there various sizes?

Answer: The cost to rent a unit is based on what you need to store and the size of the unit you require. At Store & Stack we have eleven unit size options. Our process is to personally help you with selecting your unit size to make sure you get the right size unit and only pay for what you need.

Question Six: Can I have tour of the facility to see if I like it?

Answer: This is important as it enables you to see how clean and tidy the facility is and get a feel for how it operates. At Store & Stack we encourage our potential new clients to visit the facility and have a one-on-one tour with our manager. This is also a good time to look at some examples of unit sizes if you are unsure of what size unit you may require.

Question Seven: Is there someone on call 24/7 and are they local or an overseas call centre?

Answer: Having someone to call 24/7 gives you peace of mind if you need any help, or if you need urgent access outside of normal hours. Store & Stack staff are local and the person you will speak to will generally be the local manager.

Question Eight: What are the payment options for renting a unit?

Answer: The facility should offer several payment options such as Eftpos, credit card, bank direct credit and bank automatic payments. Having all these payment options at Store & Stack makes it easy and convenient for our customers to do business with us.

Question Nine: Is the storage business an overseas franchise or NZ owned and operated?

Answer: By supporting a New Zealand owned and operated business you are supporting your local community. At Store & Stack we are a local owner operator which helps us understand a client’s needs and provide the best possible personal service.

Question Ten: What pest and rodent control measures are in place to protect my stored items?

Answer: All facilities should have a rodent and pest control process in place to help protect a storer’s items. At Store & Stack we regularly check and monitor rodent traps we have strategically placed around and inside the facility. Also, we have strict cleaning processes when clients move out of their units and before a new client moves in.

What to do now if you want the perfect self-storage unit

Want to know what a storage unit will cost you? Please don’t hesitate to request a quote from Store & Stack for one of our storage units in Tauriko, Tauranga. If you’ve still got storage unit questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on (07) 543 2286. We’re here to help.
Want a quote for a Tauranga storage unit?Start the process of getting a storage unit at Store & Stack Self Storage in Tauriko by asking for a quote today.
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