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Self-storage: the simple way to get more office space

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Self-storage: the simple way to get more office space

April 24, 2024

Need the perfect storage unit in Tauranga? Here’s where to start

Feeling a little cramped right now in your work office? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to squeeze in an extra desk for a new team member. Before you start looking for a new office, we’d like to put the case for why a storage unit could be the solution to your space headache.

The benefits of business storage

We won’t keep you long. Let’s get straight to the main benefits that having a self-storage unit will bring to your work environment.

  1. All the non-priority items that are pushed into a cupboard or corner of your office can go into a storage unit.
  2. Instead of throwing unwanted items into landfill, you can store them in case you need them in the future, or you wish to donate or sell them.
  3. Your colleagues will love the extra room in the office from having a good declutter of things you don’t need day to day.
  4. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that everything you store is in a highly secure, dry environment that you can access 6am-10pm daily.
  5. If you work from home, then a storage unit for business use is a great option for storing excess documents you don’t want to keep in your home.
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FAQ about storage units at Store & Stack

We expect you have lots of questions about getting a storage unit and how it all works. That’s completely normal. A good starting point is to head over to the Store & Stack Self Storage FAQ page.

Keen to stay on this page? All good – here are three FAQ about business storage at our storage facility.

Q. Is there a minimum storage period at Store & Stack?
A. There is. Our minimum storage period is one month.

Q. Do you have a maximum storage period at Store & Stack?
A. No, we don’t have a maximum storage period.

Q. Are the storage units secure?
A. Yes, as we have a highly secure facility. Not only do we have 24/7 CCTV and a number plate scanner, we also have coded gate entry, electric perimeter fencing and security alarms.

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