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Storage tips to get the most out of your storage unit

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Storage tips to get the most out of your storage unit

April 24, 2024

It’s quite normal to look at your empty storage unit and wonder how to best make use of the storage space. At Store & Stack Self Storage in Tauranga we love passing on packing and storage advice, whether it’s for a personal storage unit or a storage unit for a business.

To help further, we thought we’d write down a few of our favourite tips and share them with you today. So, here we go with six self-storage hacks to optimise your storage unit space.

Our six self-storage hacks to save space

  1. Use plastic containers to store soft items. This enables you to stack the containers on top of each other to maximise the space.
  2. Store beds along the side of your storage unit.
  3. Store furniture first as it takes up the most room.
  4. Leave a gap down the middle of your storage unit to enable easy access if you need to get something out at a later date.
  5. Use specifically made storage boxes to protect breakables and precious items as storage boxes are made of thicker cardboard to protect items than the likes of a standard cardboard box.
  6. Use specifically designed plastic mattress and lounge suit covers to protect your items from dust and moisture.
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